Winning At The State Fair

Posted May 27, 2010 and tagged Blog, Listen, Love Life, Manly Feats, Travel by robsachs

Podcast Courtesy of NPR 8/21/08

So it’s nearly summer but already the carnival and fair season is in full swing. I’d like to think all the fun and nostalgia is what keeps me coming back, but let’s be honest, it’s really the abundance of funnel cake.

Inevitably my manhood is put to the test at these weekend events whenever I strut down the midway. Above you can listen to a podcast I did with Madeleine Brand a few years back where we discuss the best ways to win at the carnival. I also got advice from Brett Witter who detailed how to best the midway for his book Carnival Undercover.

Here are my top five tips:

1) Choose the basketball game – you have the best shot of winning.

2) The bigger the stuffed animal the less likely you’ll have a chance at winning it.

3) Watch out for those games when you’re competing with a whole bunch of people – it stinks to lose to a 4th grader.

4) Never do anything that involves tossing rings.

5) When all else fails go for the dart throwing game – you may only win an ugly poster but at least you’ve won something.

So those are my top five tips – what are your recommendations?







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