Pulling A Prank

Posted April 05, 2010 and tagged Disasterous Moments, Food, Gross Stuff, Manly Feats, Relationships by robsachs


Every April Fool’s Day some wise guy pulls a prank that makes you feel like a doofus. This year I want to be that guy. So I travelled all the way up to New York just to try play a joke on a friend, Dan Pashman of the food podcast The Sporkful..

I’ve divided this devious plot into two parts. In this first podcast, I lay the groundwork for the prank with Bob Pinzon, owner of Abracadabra Superstore. Pinzon will serve as both my expert and weapons dealer.

My ruse is that I’m going to prepare Dan a traditional Sachs homecooked meal. In reality, I’ll be giving him a recipe for chili that includes ingredients never before comingled in a saute pan (at least I don’t think they have). Pinzon also helps me augment the prank with a few more gags, a classic whoopee cushion, garlic candy, and something called Liquid Ass. This is the most foul smelling thing I’ve ever sniffed, so I also bought the somewhat less potent “Fart Spray” as well.

Before I let you know how it all turns out, now is the time to let me know what are some of the best pranks you’ve ever pulled on someone, what about the ones people have pulled on you?

Is it better to go for a quick gotcha moment or is it fun to plot the more drawn out soul crushing fake lottery ticket type pranks?







  • booksbunny

    Seriously?? That was the best you could come up with, Rob?? Your prank definitely falls in the category of strange and lame, rather than funny and well-executed-- no wonder Dan Pashman was confused and not really fooled! I have to say, though, that your description of what happened cracked me up anyhow--the fact that you drove hours away to pull off this crazy thing and then didn't really pull it off at all was actually very funny!
    The best prank I ever pulled off with a group of friends was to take all of my friend's office furniture outside onto his patio (covered, so no damage to valuable furniture) and arrange it as an exact mirror image of what it had been in his office, while putting the patio furniture into his office the way it had been arranged outside. We then proceeded to turn all his books on his bookshelf backwards, with the spines facing inwards toward the bookshelf. He had 3 walls of bookshelves full of books, so the effect was pretty dramatic! The look on his face when he came into the office after his vacation was priceless, and it took him a couple of days to get his books all facing the right way!

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