Losing 10 Pounds

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Not Me Squatting

“Just think, this could be me…”

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Here’s a link to the latest podcast where I talk more with NPR’s David Kestenbaum about the advice Mark Rippetoe has for getting fit. From the responses to my blog post, I can tell there are many devotees to Mr. Rippetoe out there. Not surprising because he seems to really know his stuff.

It seems like the biggest hurdle to overcome in changing your habits is finding that initial motivation to get you started in a new direction. The good news is that after a while it gets easier and just becomes a part of your lifestyle. When I signed up for the marathon in San Diego, I was motivated by the fact that I told all my friends that I was going to run it and I didn’t want to end up not finishing. This fear of looking like a moron got me out there. And the more workouts I did, the easier it was to keep it up (and yes I ran the whole thing and finished!).

Now I think I need to find a new kind of motivation because this tactic failed me recently. Last summer I signed up for a 8K in Fairfax, Virginia, but my training didn’t go very well (or, more like it didn’t really happen at all). I finished the race, but had the painful shame of walking about half of the race because I wasn’t in very good shape.

Will the desire to get rid of my pudge be enough motivation to start following Rippetoe’s regimen? I’m still wondering can weight lifting be fun? I don’t see a lot of body builders smiling when they’re working out. Still, Rippetoe makes a compelling argument for weight training so if it means I’ll be a healthier person overall I think I might need to give it a second chance.







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