I Clogged The Toilet And I’m At a Party!

Posted April 04, 2008 and tagged Awkward, Blog, Disasterous Moments, Gross Stuff, Listen, Personal Hygiene, Relationships by robsachs


Clogging up the the toilet can often be messy business, clogging it up at a friend’s house is most certainly mortifying business. In this episode Rob talks with NPR’s Paul Brown about how to get out of this scenario with tips from Bob McHone, owner of Crown Plumbing and Heating in Frederick, Maryland.







  • There's more of an art to unclogging a toilet than you might suspect.  For your first strategy, if the bowl is not already full, try pouring cold water into it, about a gallon or two.

  • Install light toilet paper next to your toilet. Using light paper instead of heavy paper can contribute significantly to preventing clogs.

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