Heading to The Phillies

Posted April 07, 2010 and tagged Blog, Relationships, Sports by robsachs

Tomorrow I head to watch the Phillies take on the lowly Nats, I say lowly even though we’re only two games into the season (but let’s be honest the Nats stink). As a lifelong Phillies fan, I’m always excited to see my team, especially when they’re coming off two of the best seasons in franchise history. But I can’t help be a little disheartened by a few things I heard this week.

First was off was Frank Deford’s commentary on Morning Edition where he basically called Major League Baseball a sham because of the fact there’s no salary cap. The Phillies, by the way, have the fourth highest payroll in the league. Whatever, I don’t care, many of their best players, like Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins, came up through the Phillie’s own farm system. This separates them from the Yankees who simply purchase the best all-stars money can buy (okay, so we paid big bucks for new pitcher Roy Halladay but I’m ignoring that).

I also heard that Washingtonians were miffed at the overabundance of Phillies fans at their home opener. Well I guess I might have to tone it down now too.

I’m still determined to have fun. I’m bringing the whole family and we’re all going to be dressed up in Phillies gear. I have my vintage 1980’s World Series shirt ready to go. (For more information on dressing properly for a game you can check out my very first podcast).

At the very least it’ll be nice to be outside for a few hours…oh wait, the forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms.

No matter what, there’s one thing that’s sure to be awesome about tomorrow’s game. It starts at 4:30pm, which means I’m leaving work early. AND NOTHING CAN PUT A DAMPER ON THAT!







  • So we wound up picking the one game the Phils didn't win, but had a great time nonetheless. The rain didn't even start until the drive home. Overall a very successful outing to the ballpark.

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