Dealing With Head Lice!

Posted September 16, 2009 and tagged Awkward, Blog, Gross Stuff, Listen, Parenting, Personal Hygiene by robsachs

Rob gets the low down on how to battle head lice from Abigail Rosenfeld, aka “The Head Lice Lady of Brookyln”. Rosenfeld has been doing battle for close to 30 decades and reveals her techniques for ridding yourself of these pesky bugs.


Rob delves deeper into indignity of head lice with Madeleine Brand. Brand shares some of her own personal history with the pest and Rob relays some tips from professional delouser Abigail Rosenfeld aka Brooklyn’s “Lice Lady”.








  • Rick Miller

    So you say Abigail Rosenfeld, has been doing battle for close to 30 decades?
    That is like 300 years!! Forget about her head lice experience, I want to know
    about her secret to a long life.

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