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Attending a wedding seems like it should be easy; show up, throw rice, eat food. But being there for your friend and relative means adhering to some guidelines so you don’t spoil their big day. Rob Sachs speaks with wedding expert Susan Schneider, a former editor of wedding magazines author [...]

There are still a few great weeks left to summer so if you’re thinking of heading out to the beach, you might want to take some precautions so you don’t end up looking like too much of a tourist. I recently took my family up to the beach in Rhode Island for some relaxing [...]

With the United States out of the World Cup, I need to pick a new team to back to get interested in watching the games, cause let’s be honest, I don’t like soccer enough to just enjoy a random game between two teams I know nothing about. But the question remains who should [...]

Podcast Courtesy of NPR 8/21/08

So it’s nearly summer but already the carnival and fair season is in full swing. I’d like to think all the fun and nostalgia is what keeps me coming back, but let’s be honest, it’s really the abundance of funnel cake.

Inevitably my manhood is put to the test [...]

Bumper stickers are a great way to promote a cause, support a political philosophy or just give fellow drivers a chuckle. But choosing the wrong one can lead to frowns, honks, and even the occassional middle finger. Rob talks to NPR’s Mike Pesca about how to choose the right sticker. He also shares advice from [...]

Car dings are annoying, expensive and can completely ruin your day. In this episode Rob discusses with NPR’s David Kestenbaum both how to prevent door dings and how to fix them once you get them. Rob relates to David some ding and dent advice from Eddie Martin, the owner of The Dent Devils, a paintless [...]

Bad service at a restaurant can totally ruin your dining out experience. In this episode Rob interviews Tom Sietsema, food critic for the Washington Post on how to get the most of your waiter.

Maintaining relationships online can be pretty tricky without the usual verbal and visual guidance that other forms of commnunication have. In this episode, Rob talks with NPR’s John Ydstie about ways to overcome these challenges. Rob also gets some good tips from Joel Johnson, the editor of the Gadgets section of

For some being naked in public is their greatest fear but for others it’s their greatest source of pleasure. In this episode of WWRD Rob talks with NPR’s Mike Pesca about how to enjoy yourself at a nude resort. Rob also hears some tips from Erich E. Schuttauf, the Executive Director for the American Association [...]

Getting stuck on an elevator can be a frightening or at least tiring ordeal. Rob discusses with NPR’s Ari Shapiro how to make the best of it with tips from Edith DiFrancesco from Otis elevators. Rob also shares with Ari advice from his conversation with Deborah Henson-Conant a musician who performs with a strap-on harp [...]