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Hey so I know I haven’t posted in forever.  But I’m super psyched about the Eagles winning the Superbowl.  So here’s a real oldie but good from the pre-WWRD days.  It’s not really about the Eagles but it talks about going to the bathroom during an Eagles [...]

With the United States out of the World Cup, I need to pick a new team to back to get interested in watching the games, cause let’s be honest, I don’t like soccer enough to just enjoy a random game between two teams I know nothing about. But the question remains who should [...]

Tomorrow I head to watch the Phillies take on the lowly Nats, I say lowly even though we’re only two games into the season (but let’s be honest the Nats stink). As a lifelong Phillies fan, I’m always excited to see my team, especially when they’re coming off two of the best seasons [...]

Each year Rob meticulously fills out his bracket for the men’s college basketball tournament and each year he gets crushed by some newbie who made their picks based on team colors. To improve his standings, Rob talks over his selection strategy with NPR’s Mike Pesca, who has graciously allowed Rob to join his pool this [...]

After a year of being a dad, Rob’s noticed that he’s gained a few extra pounds. To help figure out what to do to shed the weight and get more fit, he called fitness and strength expert Mark Rippetoe. Rob tells NPR’s David Kestenbaum that Rippetoe’s advice is to start pumping iron.

As the fantasy football season comes to an end, Rob talks about his dismal season with his league’s organizer, NPR’s Mike Pesca. Rob tells Mike where he thinks he went wrong as well as some lessons he’s learned from Matthew Berry, a Fantasy Football analyst for

This is how I envision catching my first foul ball at the right field foul pole.

Rob Sachs, NPR

Click “play” above to listen to my latest podcast on how to catch a foul ball. I get a lot of great advice in this episode from Zack Hample who is, hands down, the foul ball [...]

This podcast explores how to navigate the streets on your bicycle with Cheeba Farrin 3 Time Bike Messenger World Champion.

In this episode, Rob talks with NPR’s Neda Ulaby about playing pickup basketball. Also lending some advice is Sports Illustrated writer Chris Ballard. We also hear from Rob’s longtime b-ball playing pal Vincent Rights.

In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob chats with NPR’s David Kestenbaum about how to conduct oneself while playing poker. Rob also gets tips from poker pro Phil Gordon, and using this advice, Rob takes on David in a low-stakes round of Texas Hold-em.