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So somehow despite my last gefilte fish experience with Dan Pashman, I successfully lured him back to doing another podcast with me, this time at the Strand Bookstore in NYC where he brought along his Sporkful cohost Mark Garrison for an exploration on how to conquer bad breath. We (ok [...]

So one thing I’m learning about doing video – it takes a lot more effort to produce than a podcast. This one involved a trip up to New York, securing the help of my buddies Win Rosenfeld and Dan Pashman, a trip to a novelty shop, a few trips to the grocery store, [...]

Anna snapped this the other day as we were shopping. I was excited to see how it was displayed but came back to Earth when I heard not all bookstores are as generous with their shelf space.

Here’s another pic my brother took in NYC.
Is it too devious to reshuffle my book? [...]

So this week just may be one of the biggest of my life; After two years of proposing, writing, editing, and re-editing, my book, What Would Rob Do?: An Irreverent Guide to Surviving Life’s Daily Indignities finally hits the market. To be sure, just having the opportunity to write a book has [...]

Each year Rob meticulously fills out his bracket for the men’s college basketball tournament and each year he gets crushed by some newbie who made their picks based on team colors. To improve his standings, Rob talks over his selection strategy with NPR’s Mike Pesca, who has graciously allowed Rob to join his pool this [...]

Thinking about having a great party this St. Patrick’s Day? Well don’t forget to craft the perfect playlist. Famed “mashup” master DJ Z-Trip says that preparation is key whether he’s spinnig records for a Vegas nightclub or setting up his I-tunes playlist for a BBQ with friends. Here are Z-Trip’s [...]

Going to the DMV can be an agonizing experience consisting of long waits, snippy customer service, and capped off with a horrible driver’s liscence photo. Rob talks with NPR’s Tamara Keith about how to maximize your DMV experience and shares tips from Jason King, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the American Association of [...]

Ever since his daughter started blowing into a toy harmonica, Rob has been thinking about finally learning how to properly play the instrument. In this episode he gets some tips from legendary Piedmont bluesman Phil Wiggins and a lesson from NPR’s own Peter Breslow.

Even with the explosion of channels on TV, not just anyone gets a chance to pop up on the small screen. To help figure out how to finagal his way onto TV, (without paying for it) Rob talks with Taryn Winter Brill, the features correspondent for Good Morning America. Taryn says whether you’re a “man [...]

We’ve long been told never to talk to strangers — but what about when you’re alone at a cocktail party or bored in line at the bank? Rob chats with Gretchen Rubin, the blogger behind The Happiness Project, for tips on how to strike up a conversation with strangers without freaking them out.