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Back in my day, things were different. I never thought I would start off a blog post by saying that… I grew up straddling Generation X and Y, so I can proudly claim to be a member of both the hackers and slackers. We’re also the ones who are supposed to [...]

A lot people say that the happiest day in their life is when they became a parent, but as I’ve just discovered having my second child wasn’t necessarily the second happiest day of my life. To be clear, my wife and I are thrilled about the birth of Chloe, a beautiful little girl who [...]

Not Annoyingy Your Wife NPR Podcast

For my last podcast under the NPR banner, I decided it was good to finally have my wife Anna have a shot on air. We talked over what a good topic might be and though something about pregnancy would be apt since she is in her last trimester. [...]

Throwing a great party can be tough, especially when most of the guests have limited motor skills, require frequent diaper changes, and are prone to temper tantrums. Rob talks to author and journalist Helaine Olen about how to maximize the fun and minimize the drama for his daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday party.

Rob gets the low down on how to battle head lice from Abigail Rosenfeld, aka “The Head Lice Lady of Brookyln”. Rosenfeld has been doing battle for close to 30 decades and reveals her techniques for ridding yourself of these pesky bugs.

Rob delves deeper into indignity of head lice with Madeleine Brand. Brand shares some [...]

Rob interviews with Rabbi Chanan Feld, a mohel based in Berkeley on how to act a bris (Jewish circumcision ceremony).

In the Jewish faith a “bris” or circumcision is a family event that celebrates a baby boy’s entering into a life of Judaism. While the ceremony is joyous, it can also be an awkward experience for [...]

Rob tries to find the secret singing a great lullabye by consulting one of his all-time favorite rockers Rick Springfield. Springfield has just released “My Precious Little One” an album of lullabyes written back in 1985 for his sons Liam and Josh.

Rob talks with “Parenting On the Edge” blogger and podcaster Madeleine Brand about his recent experience looking after 15 month old daughter for a weekend when his wife was away. Madeleine says dads should trust their parenting instincts and moms need to give them a break.

Above is the audio from my latest podcast in which I talk with NPR’s Felix Contreras about what kinds of songs are good to play for kids. We talked about how one commenter Michael Lee pointed out that all parents have to endure annoying kiddie music at some point in time. Felix knows all about [...]

Rob talks to NPR’s Mike Pesca about how to maintain a healthy social life while being a dad. Rob also gets some tips from Harry Hoffman, the executive director of PEPS, a Seattle based parent support group.