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Thinking about having a great party this St. Patrick’s Day? Well don’t forget to craft the perfect playlist. Famed “mashup” master DJ Z-Trip says that preparation is key whether he’s spinnig records for a Vegas nightclub or setting up his I-tunes playlist for a BBQ with friends. Here are Z-Trip’s [...]

Ever since his daughter started blowing into a toy harmonica, Rob has been thinking about finally learning how to properly play the instrument. In this episode he gets some tips from legendary Piedmont bluesman Phil Wiggins and a lesson from NPR’s own Peter Breslow.

Rob tries to find the secret singing a great lullabye by consulting one of his all-time favorite rockers Rick Springfield. Springfield has just released “My Precious Little One” an album of lullabyes written back in 1985 for his sons Liam and Josh.

Above is the audio from my latest podcast in which I talk with NPR’s Felix Contreras about what kinds of songs are good to play for kids. We talked about how one commenter Michael Lee pointed out that all parents have to endure annoying kiddie music at some point in time. Felix knows all about [...]

Making a mix tape is one of the greatest ways to show your affection towards a loved one. But some songs can send unintended messages. To learn how to pick the right ones Rob gets tips from Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook of the band Squeeze.

Being a Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ involves a lot more than just throwing a mix CD on. “It’s all about being an entertainer,” says Brian Bergman, a DC area DJ with decades of experience. He told Rob all about his methods for getting both kids and adults out on the dancefloor having a great time. Rob [...]

In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob talks with NPR’s Andrea Seabrook about how to sing and perform a love song. Rob also relays advice from Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell of the seminal soft rock group Air Supply. Rob says overall you have to sing with passion and conviction.

In this edition of What Would Rob Do? Rob talks about how to get down on the dancefloor with NPR’s David Kestenbaum. Rob also gets some tips from world renowned dancer Ron Montez.

This week Rob chats with NPR’s Mike Shuster about how to cut the lines at all the hottest clubs and bars. Rob also advice from Boston nightclub promoter Steven Frumin and what you should and should not say to the bouncer at the door.

For this edition of What Would Rob Do? Rob discusses his solutions for surviving a night out at the karaoke bar with NPR’s Mike Pesca. Rob also gets advice from Karaoke Mike, a KJ The Brass Monkey, one of LA’s most popular Karaoke bars.