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Yard sales can be a lot of fun but also a big headache. In this episode Rob speaks with Rhonda Franz of The Parenting Squad about how to maximize profits while minimizing headaches.

This month Taco Bell began giving away coupons for 10 million tacos as a way to reward customers who were perhaps scared away by a lawsuit which claims their beef mixture contains only 35% meat. But even if their product is 88% real “meat” as the chain advertises, shouldn’t that still be a wake-up [...]

So somehow despite my last gefilte fish experience with Dan Pashman, I successfully lured him back to doing another podcast with me, this time at the Strand Bookstore in NYC where he brought along his Sporkful cohost Mark Garrison for an exploration on how to conquer bad breath. We (ok [...]

Podcast Courtesy of NPR 8/21/08

So it’s nearly summer but already the carnival and fair season is in full swing. I’d like to think all the fun and nostalgia is what keeps me coming back, but let’s be honest, it’s really the abundance of funnel cake.

Inevitably my manhood is put to the test [...]

Every April Fool’s Day some wise guy pulls a prank that makes you feel like a doofus. This year I want to be that guy. So I travelled all the way up to New York just to try play a joke on a friend, Dan Pashman of the food podcast The Sporkful..

I’ve divided this [...]

Each year Rob meticulously fills out his bracket for the men’s college basketball tournament and each year he gets crushed by some newbie who made their picks based on team colors. To improve his standings, Rob talks over his selection strategy with NPR’s Mike Pesca, who has graciously allowed Rob to join his pool this [...]

Going to the DMV can be an agonizing experience consisting of long waits, snippy customer service, and capped off with a horrible driver’s liscence photo. Rob talks with NPR’s Tamara Keith about how to maximize your DMV experience and shares tips from Jason King, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the American Association of [...]

Making a Jack-O-Lantern is an almost sacred Halloween tradition. Unfortunately Rob’s skills have not progressed past that of a 2nd grader. He calls up professional pumpkin carver Tom Nardone for advice on how to make a funky pumpkin.

Rob talks with “Parenting On the Edge” blogger and podcaster Madeleine Brand about his recent experience looking after 15 month old daughter for a weekend when his wife was away. Madeleine says dads should trust their parenting instincts and moms need to give them a break.

With St. Patrick’s Day less than three weeks away Rob decides to take a different approach to celebrating the holiday by deciding to try out homebrewing. To get started he speaks with homebrewing expert Charlie Papazian, author of the book “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.” Rob discusses his finding with Linda Holmes, editor NPR’s “Monkey [...]