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Attending a wedding seems like it should be easy; show up, throw rice, eat food. But being there for your friend and relative means adhering to some guidelines so you don’t spoil their big day. Rob Sachs speaks with wedding expert Susan Schneider, a former editor of wedding magazines author [...]

Here’s a true story:

About six years ago I was dating a pretty brunette from Massachusetts. One night as we were making out on her couch, I inadvertently made some strange mouth noises (it can happen to the best of us). Apparently, one of my mumblings sounded very close to the words, [...]

Podcast Courtesy of NPR 8/21/08

So it’s nearly summer but already the carnival and fair season is in full swing. I’d like to think all the fun and nostalgia is what keeps me coming back, but let’s be honest, it’s really the abundance of funnel cake.

Inevitably my manhood is put to the test [...]

Not Annoyingy Your Wife NPR Podcast

For my last podcast under the NPR banner, I decided it was good to finally have my wife Anna have a shot on air. We talked over what a good topic might be and though something about pregnancy would be apt since she is in her last trimester. [...]

This weekend the blockbuster The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters and Rob and his wife will be going. Rob talks with writer Mark Jordan Legan on how to best navigate a packed movie house. Mark tells Rob how to find best a seat, quiet down other guests, and other theater etiquette.

It’s a situation you never want to be in, being on a date and having your ex show up. Rob talks with relationship expert Amy Spencer about how to handle this awkward encounter and what to do if you’re the dumper or the dumpee

Getting a massage should be relaxing and hopefully spiritually uplifting, that is if you’re willing to let yourself go. In this episode Rob talks about getting a professional massage from Jennifer Robinson of Relax & Rejuvenate with NPR’s Alison Bryce who herself is a former massage therapist.

Picking the right restaurant could mean the difference between having a night of culinary amazement and wonder or being stuck eating dog food served by a disgruntled waiter named Biff. Rob talks to Todd Mundt about tips he got from restaurant surveyor Tim Zagat on how to pick the best places to eat. Zagat says it’s all about having the right resources to able to size a place up before chowing down.

These are cheap and easy.
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With the economic crisis in full effect, I’m guessing this Valentine’s Day is probably going to be a little less extravagant. While February 14th can fill your heart with love and romance, it can also cause grief and sorrow by emptying your wallet. [...]

After a year of being a dad, Rob’s noticed that he’s gained a few extra pounds. To help figure out what to do to shed the weight and get more fit, he called fitness and strength expert Mark Rippetoe. Rob tells NPR’s David Kestenbaum that Rippetoe’s advice is to start pumping iron.