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With only a week to go until his baby’s due date, Rob talks over dad strategy for the delivery room with NPR’s Charlie Mayer. Rob also hears some expert tips from Scott MacTavish author of the book “The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First Time Fathers.”

Getting stains on your shirt can often be annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes costly. In this episode, Rob talks about how to best get out stains and the secrets behind dry cleaning with NPR’s Ari Shapiro. Rob also defers to Christopher White, the technical director for America’s Best Cleaners, a certification organization of high end dry [...]

To pop or not to pop…that is always the question when faced with a zit. In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob explores how to properly pamper pimples with NPR’s Mike Pesca. Rob also shares advice from Brian Boye, the fashion and grooming director of Men’s Health Magazine

Eating Hot Peppers What Would Rob Do? notes:You need guts AND a strong stomach to eat hot peppers. In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob show’s NPR’s David Kestenbaum on to down everything from jalepenos to habaneros. Rob also gets tips on how to down the hot ones from Dave Hirschkop, owner of [...]

In this episode, Rob talks about dog poop with Jacob D’Aniello. Jacob owns a business called”Doody Calls”which cleans up dog doody. Jacob talks to Rob about his life in the canine defecation industry and gives tips on what to do when you step in dog poop.

For this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob talks with NPR’s Madeleine Brand about the issue of messiness and clutter. Rob also gets some advice from Jonathan Marder, the owner of Garage Specialists, a company that organizes cluttered garages.