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This month Taco Bell began giving away coupons for 10 million tacos as a way to reward customers who were perhaps scared away by a lawsuit which claims their beef mixture contains only 35% meat. But even if their product is 88% real “meat” as the chain advertises, shouldn’t that still be a wake-up [...]

So somehow despite my last gefilte fish experience with Dan Pashman, I successfully lured him back to doing another podcast with me, this time at the Strand Bookstore in NYC where he brought along his Sporkful cohost Mark Garrison for an exploration on how to conquer bad breath. We (ok [...]

So one thing I’m learning about doing video – it takes a lot more effort to produce than a podcast. This one involved a trip up to New York, securing the help of my buddies Win Rosenfeld and Dan Pashman, a trip to a novelty shop, a few trips to the grocery store, [...]

Not Annoyingy Your Wife NPR Podcast

For my last podcast under the NPR banner, I decided it was good to finally have my wife Anna have a shot on air. We talked over what a good topic might be and though something about pregnancy would be apt since she is in her last trimester. [...]

Every April Fool’s Day some wise guy pulls a prank that makes you feel like a doofus. This year I want to be that guy. So I travelled all the way up to New York just to try play a joke on a friend, Dan Pashman of the food podcast The Sporkful..

I’ve divided this [...]

After reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation, Rob began having a tough time even lifting his fork because it seemed like all the food out there was either morally or nutriously objectionable. To figure out what to do Rob spoke to Fedele Bauccio, CEO of Bon Appetit Management Company. They provide sustainable meals [...]

Picking the right restaurant could mean the difference between having a night of culinary amazement and wonder or being stuck eating dog food served by a disgruntled waiter named Biff. Rob talks to Todd Mundt about tips he got from restaurant surveyor Tim Zagat on how to pick the best places to eat. Zagat says it’s all about having the right resources to able to size a place up before chowing down.

With St. Patrick’s Day less than three weeks away Rob decides to take a different approach to celebrating the holiday by deciding to try out homebrewing. To get started he speaks with homebrewing expert Charlie Papazian, author of the book “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.” Rob discusses his finding with Linda Holmes, editor NPR’s “Monkey [...]


Rhubarb? Rutabaga? Kumquats? Rob has passed by these fruits and veggies in farmer’s markets for years and has never quite figured out what to do with them. To find the answer he spoke with cookbook author Joan Nathan. Rob then shared his discoveries with NPR’s Susan Stamberg.

Bad service at a restaurant can totally ruin your dining out experience. In this episode Rob interviews Tom Sietsema, food critic for the Washington Post on how to get the most of your waiter.