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Yard sales can be a lot of fun but also a big headache. In this episode Rob speaks with Rhonda Franz of The Parenting Squad about how to maximize profits while minimizing headaches.

In this episode Rob talks to GQ’s Style Guy Glenn O’Brien about how to handle pants rips, popped buttons, and snags in your clothes. O’Brien says it’s all about knowing a great re-weaver to rescue you from your wardrobe malfunction.

Getting stains on your shirt can often be annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes costly. In this episode, Rob talks about how to best get out stains and the secrets behind dry cleaning with NPR’s Ari Shapiro. Rob also defers to Christopher White, the technical director for America’s Best Cleaners, a certification organization of high end dry [...]

Styling your ‘do isn”t always so easy. In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob talks with NPR’s Lisa Simeone about how men can take charge of their hair. Rob also gets some tips from Dean Banowetz – also known as the “Hollywood Hair Guy” dean is the stylist for Ryan Seacrest and American [...]

In this installment, Rob explores how to dress appropriately for an evening out with NPR’s Karen Grigsby Bates. Rob tells Karen all he’s learned from two people who know all about fashion, Elite Supermodel Veronica Webb and Male International Supermodel Fabio. Rob also gets some great tips on what to do when underdressed from his [...]

For this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob talks with NPR’s Madeleine Brand about the issue of messiness and clutter. Rob also gets some advice from Jonathan Marder, the owner of Garage Specialists, a company that organizes cluttered garages.

In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob gives NPR’s Madeleine Brand some tips on the latest fashions in kids wear. Rob also gets hints on what to get his niece and nephew from Giulia Godi owner of the children’s boutique Pancia in Venice, CA.

For this episode of”What Would Rob Do?”Rob is interviewed by NPR’s Mike Pesca about how he would cope after receiving a bad haircut. Rob says his two main strategies would be either covering up or creating a diversion…

This week Rob discusses with NPR’s Mike Shuster all you need to know to attend a baseball game.