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After reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation, Rob began having a tough time even lifting his fork because it seemed like all the food out there was either morally or nutriously objectionable. To figure out what to do Rob spoke to Fedele Bauccio, CEO of Bon Appetit Management Company. They provide sustainable meals [...]

Rob interviews Jim Johnston, the executive producer of MTV’s Real World on how to deal with having a less than ideal roommate or housemate

Rob talks to Jesse Thorn from “The Sound of Young America” about comments he’s heard from listeners on bad roommates. He also shares his own personal stories and advice he’s received from [...]

Ever since his daughter started blowing into a toy harmonica, Rob has been thinking about finally learning how to properly play the instrument. In this episode he gets some tips from legendary Piedmont bluesman Phil Wiggins and a lesson from NPR’s own Peter Breslow.

Picking the right restaurant could mean the difference between having a night of culinary amazement and wonder or being stuck eating dog food served by a disgruntled waiter named Biff. Rob talks to Todd Mundt about tips he got from restaurant surveyor Tim Zagat on how to pick the best places to eat. Zagat says it’s all about having the right resources to able to size a place up before chowing down.

With St. Patrick’s Day less than three weeks away Rob decides to take a different approach to celebrating the holiday by deciding to try out homebrewing. To get started he speaks with homebrewing expert Charlie Papazian, author of the book “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.” Rob discusses his finding with Linda Holmes, editor NPR’s “Monkey [...]

After a year of being a dad, Rob’s noticed that he’s gained a few extra pounds. To help figure out what to do to shed the weight and get more fit, he called fitness and strength expert Mark Rippetoe. Rob tells NPR’s David Kestenbaum that Rippetoe’s advice is to start pumping iron.

As the fantasy football season comes to an end, Rob talks about his dismal season with his league’s organizer, NPR’s Mike Pesca. Rob tells Mike where he thinks he went wrong as well as some lessons he’s learned from Matthew Berry, a Fantasy Football analyst for

Rob talks with NPR’s Carl Kasell about how to leave a good voicemail message for both incoming calls and outgoing greetings. Rob also gets tips from his old boss, former Tell Me More Executive Producer Marie Nelson. She says the best messages are short and get to the point quickly.

Above is the audio from my latest podcast in which I talk with NPR’s Felix Contreras about what kinds of songs are good to play for kids. We talked about how one commenter Michael Lee pointed out that all parents have to endure annoying kiddie music at some point in time. Felix knows all about [...]

For most guys sitting through a chick flick is a test of both mental and physical endurance. In this episode of WWRD, Rob interviews Howard Deutch, director of “My Best Friend’s Girl”, to figure out the line between chick flick and fun romantic comedy. Rob discusses his findings with NPR’s Felix Contreas.