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Throwing a great party can be tough, especially when most of the guests have limited motor skills, require frequent diaper changes, and are prone to temper tantrums. Rob talks to author and journalist Helaine Olen about how to maximize the fun and minimize the drama for his daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday party.

These days websites like Facebook and Google allow you to easily find others with the same name as you. Rob calls up another Rob Sachs to find out what he’s all about. He then talks about his experiences with Tamara Keith.

This weekend the blockbuster The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters and Rob and his wife will be going. Rob talks with writer Mark Jordan Legan on how to best navigate a packed movie house. Mark tells Rob how to find best a seat, quiet down other guests, and other theater etiquette.

In this episode Rob talks to GQ’s Style Guy Glenn O’Brien about how to handle pants rips, popped buttons, and snags in your clothes. O’Brien says it’s all about knowing a great re-weaver to rescue you from your wardrobe malfunction.

Making a Jack-O-Lantern is an almost sacred Halloween tradition. Unfortunately Rob’s skills have not progressed past that of a 2nd grader. He calls up professional pumpkin carver Tom Nardone for advice on how to make a funky pumpkin.

Rob interviews Jim Johnston, the executive producer of MTV’s Real World on how to deal with having a less than ideal roommate or housemate

Rob talks to Jesse Thorn from “The Sound of Young America” about comments he’s heard from listeners on bad roommates. He also shares his own personal stories and advice he’s received from [...]

Ever since his daughter started blowing into a toy harmonica, Rob has been thinking about finally learning how to properly play the instrument. In this episode he gets some tips from legendary Piedmont bluesman Phil Wiggins and a lesson from NPR’s own Peter Breslow.

Rob gets the low down on how to battle head lice from Abigail Rosenfeld, aka “The Head Lice Lady of Brookyln”. Rosenfeld has been doing battle for close to 30 decades and reveals her techniques for ridding yourself of these pesky bugs.

Rob delves deeper into indignity of head lice with Madeleine Brand. Brand shares some [...]

Rob interviews with Rabbi Chanan Feld, a mohel based in Berkeley on how to act a bris (Jewish circumcision ceremony).

In the Jewish faith a “bris” or circumcision is a family event that celebrates a baby boy’s entering into a life of Judaism. While the ceremony is joyous, it can also be an awkward experience for [...]

It’s a situation you never want to be in, being on a date and having your ex show up. Rob talks with relationship expert Amy Spencer about how to handle this awkward encounter and what to do if you’re the dumper or the dumpee