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Attending a wedding seems like it should be easy; show up, throw rice, eat food. But being there for your friend and relative means adhering to some guidelines so you don’t spoil their big day. Rob Sachs speaks with wedding expert Susan Schneider, a former editor of wedding magazines author [...]

Not Annoyingy Your Wife NPR Podcast

For my last podcast under the NPR banner, I decided it was good to finally have my wife Anna have a shot on air. We talked over what a good topic might be and though something about pregnancy would be apt since she is in her last trimester. [...]

Rob talks with NPR’s Carl Kasell about how to leave a good voicemail message for both incoming calls and outgoing greetings. Rob also gets tips from his old boss, former Tell Me More Executive Producer Marie Nelson. She says the best messages are short and get to the point quickly.

Everyday we catch people doing gross, disgusting acts like picking their nose, eating with their mouth open, or sneezing all over the place. In this episide, Rob discusses with NPR’s Ari Shapiro how to react when someone committs one of these crimes of civility. He also gets a tip from old pal Alex Auritt, a [...]

Many think of hypnosis as something just for magicians, but actually a growing number of people are turning to hypno-therapy to try to cure themselves of bad habits. In this episode of WWRD Rob shares with NPR’s Lynn Neary a hypnosis program developed by Frederic Premji, the founder of

Being a bad snorer doesn’t mean you’re a bad person – it’s just that you don’t know how to fix the problem. In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob shares with NPR’s Andrea Seabrook expert tips on how to stop snoring from Dr. Murray Grossan, a board certified Otolaryngologist.

Styling your ‘do isn”t always so easy. In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob talks with NPR’s Lisa Simeone about how men can take charge of their hair. Rob also gets some tips from Dean Banowetz – also known as the “Hollywood Hair Guy” dean is the stylist for Ryan Seacrest and American [...]

In this episode of What Would Rob Do? Rob speaks with NPR’s David Kestenbaum about how to always stay on time for an appointment.