Catching A Foul Ball

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Rob Draws A Foul Ball Snag

This is how I envision catching my first foul ball at the right field foul pole.

Rob Sachs, NPR

Click “play” above to listen to my latest podcast on how to catch a foul ball. I get a lot of great advice in this episode from Zack Hample who is, hands down, the foul ball master with 124 foul/homerun balls in his collection. You’ll also hear helpful tips from usher Rick Neave and ballgirl Stephanie Kelley, who both work at Nationals Park here in Washington, D.C.

The subject of foul balls segues nicely into that other topic that’s been on my mind all week — the World Series, or more specifically the fact that the Phillies have made it there for the first time since 1993. For all those unfortunate Philadelphians who won’t be attending a live game, there is still hope. My wife found this amazing website that lists all the Philly bars around the country. As a 215 ex-pat I can honestly say having a few South Philly dudes nearby to high-five is a must when watching a game. “Yo! Did yous see that homerun?!?”

I have to give a shout out to the great home away from home that I found while living in LA, The Shack in Santa Monica. I’m still looking for a good DC spot though.

I’m confident that this is the year, and I hope I’m right. And just for the record, should there be any parading down Broad Street this year, I definitely won’t be watching from my living room. I’ve already informed the staff here, I’m not going to make it to work that day.







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