Bad Breath

Posted July 22, 2010 and tagged Awkward, Blog, Disasterous Moments, Food, Gross Stuff, Listen, Manly Feats, Performing, Personal Hygiene by robsachs


So somehow despite my last gefilte fish experience with Dan Pashman, I successfully lured him back to doing another podcast with me, this time at the Strand Bookstore in NYC where he brought along his Sporkful cohost Mark Garrison for an exploration on how to conquer bad breath. We (ok mostly just I) scarfed down such noxious edibles like pickles, Doritos, tuna salad, liverwurst, bleu cheese, raw garlic, and of course one big bite of a raw onion. I also had a secret nasty ingredient but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find that out. Of all the things I ate, I’m going to have to say the onion was actually the hardest smell to get rid of. And what were my solutions? We tried out a range of antidotes from mint leaves to lemons, toothpaste to tongue scrapers to my coup rinsing with some hydrogren peroxide (my cousin the endocrinologist assured me I’d be ok as long as I didn’t swallow. After trying all these methods I think my breath improved somewhat but I think the consensus we all came to was that if you’re going to eat stinky food and you’re concerned about your breath, make sure your significant other eats the same thing you do.







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