• Can you take the heat of a habanero?

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  • The Great Gefilte Fish & Chili Prank

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  • Why I Killed A Chicken & Ate Its Heart

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  • Eagles Win the Superbowl

    Now Win at Football Stadium Bathroom Etiquette

  • Wedding Etiquette

    How not to be the one who spoils their big day

  • Meet Rob Sachs

What is WWRD all about?

What Would Rob Do? is a place where you can explore Rob’s quest to figure out how to get through all of life’s embarrassing, awkward, and often indignant moments. It’s where Rob shares advice from his NPR podcasts on everything from odd social moments like forgetting someone’s name at a party to dealing with bodily disasters like having a bad hair day or getting a mega zit. But more than just being about what he would do.

Of course you can always learn the full story about the many daily indignities that Rob has suffered through by reading the book, What Would Rob Do? (John Wiley & Sons).

Hear Rob’s Work

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